We are proud to be featured on the Smart Cities UK 2020 event, taking place February 13th 2020 in London. Agenda and more information can be found here.

The cry for coordination and transparency

Roadworks introduce obstacles for road users and often create unsafe situations. When simultaneous roadworks block the city or when the same street is dug up by several utilities, the cry for coordination and transparency is loud.

Every city administration is a key stakeholder in this process, however they may lack a unified solution that covers the workflow from request to permit.

Sharing the Belgian results

During our presentation at Smart Cities UK 2020, we will share the results from over 100 Belgian cities. Since 2018, Smart Cities in Belgium have trusted EagleBe to grant over 110’000 permits of temporary occupations of the public domain. We will share 3 main results:

  1. Improved coordination of roadworks
  2. Faster Process from request to permit
  3. Transparent Communication about roadworks

EagleBe powered by Merkator

Graduated from the famous Smart City Accelerator Programma in Belgium, EagleBe is a successful Smart City Platform with a clear focus: more coordination, less chaos. In 2019, the focus was learn from our users (cities, citizens, …) and improve the platform. In 2020, the focus is to share the results, and look for pilot cities in the UK that might have similar challenges.

See you at Smart Cities UK?


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