About EagleBe

Launch EagleBe idea

During a Merkator User Day for cities and municipalities, the idea was launched to solve the chaos on the public domain: unexpected road works, contradicting traffic diversions, … How could this be solved?
Together with a few pilot municipalities (Aalst, Bredene, Oudenaarde, …) we looked for a solution.

Permits, signalisation, e-gov, … It was a complex start but the EagleBe idea was born.

First EagleBe city Live

After months of analysing, the development of a MVP or minimum viable product started. The entire process was accounted for, apart from some bells and whistles. In February 2017 the first EagleBe permit was granted by the city of Tielt. This was followed by some challenging weeks during which the basic bugs were solved, but soon after smaller municipalities went live with EagleBe. Sprint after sprint new features were added, in close cooperation with our customers.

The focus of this version of EagleBe was traffic safety: a simple way of detecting conflicts and drawing signalisation plans.

EagleBe Events

In 2018 we started with 25 customers and 5000 permits. The basic process works, EagleBe is stable and we prepare for the expansion of EagleBe: (even) more focus on ease of use for civilians and users, real-time dashboards, a calendar and the integration with other processes (billing, workorders, digital signatures, …). The start of GDPR created some administrative challenges, but we ensured a perfect compliance of our data and processes to GDPR (encryption were possible, data minimization, server infrastructure in Europe, …).

The biggest challenge came end 2018: the launch of EagleBe Events. In close cooperation with Knokke-Heist, Ieper, Dendermonde, Damme, Laarne and public services (police and fire brigade) an innovative, GIPOD-integrated EagleBe Events was created.

EagleBe Grows

We started 2019 with 45 local administrations and 45000 permits. The first users of EagleBe Events are live (Laarne, Knokke-Heist, Damme, …) and the amount of permits granted is growing exponentially. EagleBe is the biggest platform in Flanders with the most users, most administrations and most permits.

April 19, 2019: Rombit and Merkator join forces in a Smart City partnership focussed on the intake of the public domain and events. Combining the power of Eagle with the IoT experience of Rombit enables us to innovate even further.

In 2019 EagleBe will grow beyond the boundaries of Flanders: cities and municipalities from Brussels and Wallonia will be able to subscribe to EagleBe. In this manner EagleBe will continue to expand with The Netherlands and the United Kingdom in sight.

EagleBe Flies

We started 2020 with 100 Smart Cities trusting EagleBe, and more than 120000 permits granted through our platform. The first pilot of the EagleBe Mobile App is executed, and we have a lot of interest from Flanders.

We also have customers from Brussels and Wallonia, so we cover all languages and all local laws. 

We are looking for pilot cities in UK (Richard Dorey) and Spain (Ivan Prada).

2018 Eagle Awards for the first Eagle Municipality (Bredene), Eagle City (Tielt) and Eagle Police department (Wetteren-Laarne-Wichelen).

Merkator: Above & Below

Merkator starts 2020 with 50 colleagues and a clear focus: Above & Below. From junior to senior, from developer to analyst, from sales to marketing: this is Merkator!