EagleBe Smart City

The “public domain” can be very chaotic: road works, local markets, cycling events, … The key to avoid this chaos lies in the permit procedure.

The EagleBe Smart City platform enables the local administration to be more responsive and interactive, to guarantee the road safety of their public domain.


1. Easy Request

Citizens, contractors, organizers … receive a userfriendly and smart permit request form. The requestor immediatly detects local conflicts with other permits and can look for solutions.

The forms is easy to administer, works on all devices and is GDPR conform.

2. Easy Administration

Receive an “Eagle” view of the permit request: detect local conflicts and investigate all details. Make sure to guarantee road safety: draw signalisation plans, deviations, investigate the local situation with 360° imagery, …

EagleBe administers the process and dispatches tasks to your colleagues, with a clear dashboard for follow-up. Going digital with EagleBe speeds up your permit procedure 5 times.

3. Easy Communication

Hindrance on the public domain will always be there, so make sure the impacted citizens are warned and can look for information when needed. EagleBe can publish the planned hindrance on the EagleBe Map, open for the public.

Use your communication team to communicate proactive about planned hindrance.

Liesbeth Sedeyn

Liesbeth Sedeyn

Police - Head of Mobility Department

“All our colleagues of dispatching and intervention are able to quickly verify if the encountered hindrance on the public domain is as granted by the City. Before EagleBe, we had a lot of difficulties to find the permit and compare it with reality, with lots of emails or calls to the colleagues at the local administration.”

Tom Van Neyghem

Tom Van Neyghem

City of Aalst - Team responsible Spatial and urban development

The introduction of EagleBe has been painless. At no time has our functioning been compromised. Also our ICT service has not had to take any action with regard to EagleBe. A good thing, because their agenda is overcrowded. The fact that EagleBe does not run on our servers, of course, it only makes things easier.

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