EagleBe was invited at the Smart City UK 2020 event in London. This London event is part of a series of event around UK to gather smart cities, share insights and pitfalls. For EagleBe, this event was the launch of EagleBe in the UK.

First of all, what do we call a Smart City? There is no single definition, but we are aiming for a more interactive and responsive city administration with safer public spaces. EagleBe focuses on road safety with respect to obstacles on the street that often create a dangerous situation for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. By supporting the city permit process, we enable more road safety – a faster and responsive administration – and more revenues.

Watch the interview below with Richard Dorey and Luc De Heyn:

EagleBe can be used by almost 3 million citizens in Belgium, and while our footprint keeps growing in Belgium – we are now looking for international opportunities with Spain and UK as first opportunities.

We are looking for our first international pilot cities. Is your permit process safe and fast, or is there room for improvement? Fill in the fields below to receive the EagleBe leaflet.

We are looking for local Smart City partners, don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested.

Is your permit process safe or can it be improved? Learn more!

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